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What Are the 6 Uses of Kato Excavators on Construction Sites

What Are the 6 Uses of Kato Excavators on Construction Sites?

The construction industry plays a crucial role in a booming economy. This sector provides jobs to millions of people and helps create and maintain a country’s infrastructure.

To ensure employees accomplish construction jobs safely and efficiently, it’s always best to find the right equipment, including Kato excavators. A Kato excavator is a highly versatile tool construction workers can use for different tasks, such as demolishing sites, digging trenches, and removing dangerous debris.

This article will enumerate the six uses of this invaluable construction tool.

1. Handling Materials

You can attach your Kato excavator to a clamp, letting it move and lift materials. The clamp enables you to manipulate the items quickly.

This attachment has two tungsten steel teeth that allow the machine to hold different shapes and object sizes firmly, such as trees, pipes, boulders, and brushes. You can also retract it to the arm for storage if you’re not using it. They also use the clamp to pick up hard materials that the bucket attachment can’t lift.

Moreover, Kato excavators may have elevated cabs and heavy counterweights to ensure better stability and visibility for operators.

2. Remove Debris

Operators can use a Kato excavator to clear up the construction mess. They can use the bucket to pick up large debris and the clamp to lift tinier or uniquely-shaped waste.

They can use different Kato excavators to ensure a more effective debris removal process. Combining multiple machines with different sizes and capabilities allows them to find the perfect combination of manoeuvrability and power to complete the task.

3. For Forestry

Machine operators can customise their Kato excavators with various tools to make them suitable for forestry work. These tools include shears, mulchers, and other equipment that help manage trees and vegetation.

They’re also powerful enough to clear paths and move around obstacles. The shearing tools let operators trim leaves and branches from rapidly growing trees.

4. Excavating Underground

Kato excavators can dig trenches, holes, and foundations. Operators usually use them for tunnelling, which requires them to create an underground passageway.

These excavators create tunnels by attaching a bucket and a drill to the machine to dig deep underground holes. The latter has a spiral design that enables it to move the dirt from the spot—the equipment’s hydraulic circuits power the process.

However, the Kato excavator’s dimensions, capabilities, and tools determine how deep it can dig a tunnel. The machine’s size will also reveal its strength, capacity, and depth it can reach.

5. Earthmoving

Besides removing dangerous debris, operators use Kato excavators for earthmoving applications like trench digging and landscape grading.

Trench digging requires professional operators to set the foundation for different construction projects. Unlike other manual equipment, Kato excavators dig trenches more efficiently. The crew can later install electric poles or landscape on it.

Landscape grading needs the construction crew to reshape the land to create the desired shape or look. They can remove excess dirt, level out slopes and hills, or add soil for a more even surface. Operators can also add retaining walls or drainage systems to control the property’s water flow.

6. Demolition

Demolition sites are hazardous; only well-trained professionals can enter them. Fortunately, operators can use Kato excavators for demolition. They may also attach them to a breaker attachment tool, a mighty percussion hammer powered by a separate hydraulic system.

Digging a Successful Project

Kato excavators are one of the most versatile and efficient machinery operators can use to ensure a successful construction project. They have different attachments to help you accomplish the required tasks safely.

Kato Works Australia sells quality Kato excavators to the construction industry. Our experienced staff can provide you with the best in sales, recruitment, and comprehensive product assistance. Browse our catalogue today!