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Crane Rental Company: Helpful Points to Keep In Mind

When you have a Kato construction project that involves heavy lifting, you may need to hire a crane rental company to help you get the job done. Crane rental companies offer a wide range of services, from providing the crane and operator to rigging and transportation.

However, before you hire a crane rental company, remember a few helpful points to ensure you get the best service possible.

Expertise in the Field

Remember, you want to hire a company that can show expertise and experience in crane rental. Look for a company that has a verified track record of completing projects similar to yours. Check their certifications and licences, and make sure they comply with safety regulations. You can also analyse online reviews and ratings, ask for recommendations from colleagues, or contact industry associations to get a list of reputable companies.

Once you have a list of potential crane rental companies, the next step is to evaluate them based on their expertise and experience. Not all crane rental companies specialise in the same type of crane services, so ask about their specific areas of expertise. For example, if you need a tower crane for a construction project, you want to ensure the company has experience with that specific type of crane rental.

Excellent Safety Record

Handling cranes and other Kato construction equipment can be dangerous if not done properly, so choosing a company with an excellent safety record is crucial. Ask about their safety protocols and procedures, and ensure a comprehensive safety program.

In Australia, they must obtain certification from relevant authorities, such as the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), to ensure they comply with safety and operational standards. This way, customers are confident that the crane rental company has the necessary training, knowledge, and skills to operate their equipment safely and responsibly.

Schedule Availability

Schedule availability is an important factor when choosing a company to work with. It is crucial to ensure that the company can provide you with the necessary equipment when you need it. This ensures you can complete your work efficiently and effectively without delays or downtime. That's why you must always confirm their schedule availability and check if the company can meet your requirements. You can also ask about their policies for emergencies or unexpected delays to ensure you can still get the necessary equipment even in unforeseen circumstances.


Of course, the cost is a significant factor in any business decision, and renting a crane and Kato construction equipment is no exception. It is essential to compare different prices to determine the best value for your money. However, the cheapest option may only sometimes be the best one.

Consider the quality of the equipment, the level of customer service, and the company’s reputation before deciding based solely on cost. It is also important to ask about hidden fees or charges that may not be included in the initial quote to avoid surprises when it's time to pay the bill.

Final Thoughts

Crane rental companies are essential in construction projects, and it is crucial to remember some helpful points when renting cranes. Remembering these helpful points, you can ensure a successful and safe crane rental experience.

Kato Works is a Kato construction company in Australia that provides crane rental services to help you with your construction needs. With a wide range of cranes and a team of experienced professionals, Kato Works is committed to providing high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service. Contact us today!